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Nov 122015

A colleague of mine spotted this quite brilliant list of articles relating to Enterprise Vault Product Documentation:

Enterprise Vault Product Documentation

Finding documentation amongst multiple versions can be quite handy if you’re trying to find out when a new feature was implemented. Or if you’re trying to find out when a particular feature changed. Take for example things around the shortcut-processing actions which changed a few versions ago in Enterprise Vault. There are lots of other changes over time.  The article links back to documentation as far as Enterprise Vault 8, which is kind of as far as you’d want to go, right? 🙂

Oct 282015

Sometimes I get a little bit obsessed by version information. Sometimes I get asked what build a particular version of Enterprise Vault is, so then I don’t feel quite so obsessed. I used to track some of this stuff manually, but I was pointed in the direction of a really good knowledge base article by a colleague just a few days ago.

How to find Enterprise Vault version information

In that article you can see how to find the information, and what all the version information relates to. So if you want to know what the build is of Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 Cumulative Hotfix 3..  go into that document, and you’ll see it is:

It can be quite useful.

Oct 152015
file000960355477 (Mobile)

When it comes time to do an Enterprise Vault migration there are many different options available to you and your company. Rather than trying to figure out the best on your own, get some expert help.  One such way is to attend the upcoming Webinar from Adept-tec.  Look for more details here:


Maybe you’re already an expert?

It doesn’t hurt to spend an hour on a *free* webinar listening to some other options which might be available to you and your organisation.

Sep 282015

For anyone wondering what will happen to Enterprise Vault following the split of Veritas from Symantec, I heard news the other day that Enterprise Vault is alive and well.  In fact, there is an upcoming beta program for Enterprise Vault 12.  There are plenty of new features and improvements on older features.

I don’t think I’m allowed to give away any more details, so I won’t.  But I’m sure that there will be more of an official announcement closer to the time.