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May 242016

For people who are thinking of starting to archive email data (or other electronic data like SharePoint and file servers) they will almost certainly have come across Veritas Enterprise Vault. It is still probably the most comprehensive archiving product available. But it’s a big product, with a lot to learn about.

So where do you begin?

Phil Waters, who I crossed paths with a few times when I worked at Symantec (always a pleasure, never a chore), has put together an excellent course introducing Enterprise Vault. It’s available on Udemy on this link (Introduction to archiving with Veritas Enterprise Vault). The course covers all the information that someone new to Enterprise Vault is likely to need, and, it’s free!

Feb 262016

Adept-tec are following up on their webinar where they did an overview of SMTP Archiving versus Journal Archiving, with a deep dive session. If you want to know more about the inner workings of SMTP Archiving then you should attend. There are more details on their website.

Jan 142016

Have you wondered about the (relatively) new feature of SMTP archiving in Enterprise Vault, and how it might compare with the ‘traditional’ Journal Archiving features which have been in the product for a long time? Well, my friends over at Adept-tec are running a webinar on just that topic soon.

Yes that’s right ANOTHER free webinar from them.

So if you’re wondering how the two techniques compare, and how to configure and use SMTP Archiving, why not join the webinar and find out more?