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Jan 022015

Sometimes when data has been archived and then restored, and it is to be re-archived you might encounter an issue where the items won’t re-archive. Let’s see why that might be:

When Enterprise Vault restore an item, it marks some additional MAPI attributes on each item:


When archiving happens again, these items won’t be eligible because they are marked with these attributes. The attributes can be ignored, and there are actually three choices:

HKLM\Software\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents
[DWORD] IgnoreEVDates

0 = Off
1 = Ignore Archived date
2 = Ignore Restored date
3 = Ignore both Archived and Restored date

More information in this Connect Forum post: https://www-secure.symantec.com/connect/forums/restored-mail-not-archive-after-re-enable-mailbox#comment-1437041

Nov 152014

One of the questions which is frequently asked on the forums after a new Exchange Server update is whether or not Enterprise Vault will work with it, and whether it will be supported. For the most part in the past, roll-ups or cumulative updates weren’t specifically tested and called out individually. Customers could contact Support, and if an issue was found, it would be worked on and (hopefully) fixed.

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Nov 102014

At last.

It’s a joy to use.. and work with.

*Just* like Outlook 2013 on Windows, for the most part (in my early usage of it).

Available to Office 365 subscription people, I give to you … New Outlook for Mac OSX