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Nov 102014

At last.

It’s a joy to use.. and work with.

*Just* like Outlook 2013 on Windows, for the most part (in my early usage of it).

Available to Office 365 subscription people, I give to you … New Outlook for Mac OSX


Oct 222014
file2781242214133 (Medium)

The other day I had a need to find out how many archived items were in a particular archive. Normally I’d leap straight over to the Vault Store Usage Report, but for some reason (maybe the number of archives) that just seemed to take 5+ minutes to display. Needless to say, I gave up on the report, for now.

But I still needed to know how many items were in the archive I was interested in.

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Oct 092014
beautiful sky and sea 725x3602

I have to admit that most of the stuff that I write about in relation to Enterprise Vault is around Exchange email (or journal) archiving. There is a whole world of people though that use one of the other great features of Enterprise Vault, that is File Server Archiving.

If you want to know more about what Enterprise Vault can do in this are then it’s well worth attending a free seminar from Adept-tec.