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EV Videos


Below are some of my Enterprise Vault videos.

Enterprise Vault and EVPM


Enterprise Vault: Database backups


Enterprise Vault: Setting Up Public Folder Archiving


Enterprise Vault: Provisioning


Enterprise Vault: Client Log File


Enterprise Vault: Client Logging Levels


Enterprise Vault: End User Searching


Enterprise Vault: System Status


Enterprise Vault: PSTDisableGrow

Enterprise Vault: DisablePST


Enterprise Vault: Partition Rollover


Enterprise Vault: Maibox Archiving Report


Enterprise Vault: Common Tasks Launchpad


Enterprise Vault: Backup Mode


Enterprise Vault: Run Now – Shared Mailbox

Enterprise Vault: Shared Mailbox – Manual Archiving


Enterprise Vault and Windows 8: File Preview causes recall


Enterprise Vault: FSA Agent Install


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  7 Responses to “EV Videos”

  1. Love your Site! It gives me the info fast regarding EV. It would take to loong time to find it on Symantec´s crappy site :).

  2. Glad you like them .. and thanks for your comments. If you’re ever stuck with something and want a video of how to do it, let me know 🙂

  3. Could you please add a video to instruct end users how to restore their entire valut (all emails)? I use EV but also want to archive to a backup USB drive. Please let me know, thanks!

    • Thanks for commenting, Penny. These are things that I’ve considered before, but I will bump them up my ‘video list’.

      • Hey Rob,

        Did you ever get this done? I want to educate my users to do mass restores in their EV outlook however it’s capped at 200 restores at one time.


        BTW – good informative website 🙂

  4. Hello,

    Great site, it will be helpful if you could include a video regarding archiving all the mails of user before he is leaving the organization so that his mailbox can be disabled.

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