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Oct 212013

For the last twenty years I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times that I have upgraded an Operating System. Don’t get me wrong I always go for the beta, early release and pre-release versions of just about everything. What I mean is that I normally “upgrade” by doing a clean install. The only thing that I apply on top of the base is the latest service pack, and updates provided by things like Windows Update.

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Oct 182013

2013-10-18_09h34_46I’ve always used new releases of Windows software, and always tried to get them early. I was pleased with my Lenovo Yoga 13, and Windows 8.  I resisted the urge to upgrade it to Windows 8.1 Preview; instead I upgraded my (older) HP EliteBook. It was good, but I still held off doing it on my Yoga. I think it was all the news about how the preview couldn’t necessarily be upgraded again to the full 8.1 release.

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Oct 132013

I find many of the Sysinternals tools invaluable when it comes to looking after even a bunch of test machines in a lab, or two, or three.  I spotted last week that a few of the tools have been given a brush up, so head over to:


Process Explorer is a superb tool when it comes to watching what various Enterprise Vault server based processes are loading which DLL’s from which folders when they’re performing operations.  If you’ve never used the tools before head over to take a look.

Sep 162013

2013-09-16_10h55_26I use Instagram. There I said it.  There has been a lot said about whether instagram is good or bad for the photography world, but I for one, really like the images that can be made with instagram.  Sometimes though I have normal camera images taken with DSLR or even with my normal camera app, rather than with instagram.  These are a problem!  I want to instagram-ify them!

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Jul 292013
_DSC2023 (Mobile)Google Chrome can be used to remote control your computers. Wow, I mean, really? From a web browser?  So I set out to figure out whether this can be done or not.  For my testing I’m using:
An OSX Mountain Lion desktop machine – this will be the host
A Windows 8 Laptop machine – this will be where I am doing the remote control from
I’m interested in how easy it is to set up, whether you can then control other applications remotely, other than just Google Chrome, and what the overall speed is like.