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Sep 062013

file00091655793 (Mobile)A question which came from the Symantec Enterprise Vault Connect forums the other day deserves a little more of an answer than I originally gave. The question is:

When you retrieve an item from a shortcut using Enterprise Vault with Outlook Web Access, where is the temporary message stored?

Well the short answer is that it is stored in the users ‘deleted items’ folder, as hidden messages. You can see them using Outlook Spy or similar:

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Dec 312012

One of the great things about Enterprise Vault is its integration in to Outlook, and Outlook Web App (formerly Outlook Web Access).  There is a small annoyance with Outlook Web App 2010 though, related to conversation view.  Here is what I mean:



The above image shows a normal looking part of the Inbox.  It all looks ‘very nice’.  The item I have highlighted is a single message, and when I right click on it, I see:


You can see from the above image that the Enterprise Vault Outlook Web App extensions have added the ‘Archive’ option to the menu and that allows me to send that item to Enterprise Vault for archiving.  Now have a look at this highlighted item:


When I right click on it I see:


.. No option to archive.

This is all because the default view is set to ‘Conversation’.  You can turn it off per user by:

a/ Click on the small drop down arrow next to ‘Conversation by Date’ and then

b/ Untick the ‘Conversation’ setting at the bottom of the list of options

This is shown below:


I am not sure if there is a way to do this en-masse for all users, or whether it’s down to user education.