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Jun 302014

How many retention categories should an organisation have? Does it depend on the size of the organisation? Should be many? Should it be a few? Well I think part of this ties in with the ‘need’ for many organisations to keep everything forever. These sorts of organisations probably don’t spend the time to get their lawyers involved in figuring out how to categorise emails and how long to keep them.

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Aug 122012

I do an awful lot of testing of Enterprise Vault features. Months sometimes go by and I don't do a new installation or configuration of a new system, then I end up doing nothing but installation and configuration, ten times a day for weeks ! I did just that over the course of the last few weeks. It got me thinking about policies for end-users, and in particular buttons on the Outlook toolbar.

Even on most of my test users I don't change things from the default.

Sometimes it is a long time later when I'm actually testing something else that I need to go back and an icon or two to the toolbar, and I rarely add things like the Expiry Report.

Do you make many changes from the default buttons?


Aug 112012

One of the things that I really don’t like with a fresh install of Windows 7, is that when updates are downloaded and ready to install the nice shutdown button becomes mutated.  It normally looks like this:

But then there are updates ready it becomes a more ugly beast with the Install Updates and Shutdown label.  This means that when you want just to do ‘simple’ shutdown, you can’t, easily.  You can change this.. take a look at the following article:

And you make the change like this one shown below:
(i.e. you set the top option to enabled)