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Mar 312012

I am very, very, very familiar with the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in, but, not so much the Enterprise Vault Add-in for Mac OSX.  I’m getting there with it, but I’ve not really had to troubleshoot any issues (which is a good thing, perhaps!?!). 

One of the things that you always, always, always need to do is to look at the log file which is produced (either by the OSX Add-in or the Windows + Outlook Add-in). 

To do this on a Mac, you can do the following :

Click on Spotlight

Search for Console

Click it to open it

Click on File -> Open, and in the drop down list of locations, choose Logs

Highlight and select the Enterprise Vault log file

Or you can navigate to the following location in Finder:


Open the EnterpriseVault.log file (in TextEdit, for example)

(You have to ensure you have show-hidden-files enabled to be able to get into it this second way)

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Oct 252011

Like many other people I am subscribed to far too many RSS Feeds.  One which arrives every week, does actually inspire me to action.  Take a look at the following :




In fact the whole of Simple Dollar’s website is pretty damn great, so take a look at some of the other posts whilst you’re there !

Oct 232011

What works for one person is good.. but might not work for others.  I took a look through the following :


And my ‘list’ is :-

* Music Therapy

* Take a walk

* Drink Green Tea

* Don’t procrastinate

This last one is a bug bear of mine, to say the least.  I have had a million and one things to do the last month (don’t we all).  At the start I spent so long worrying about what to do, in which order, on which days, that I actually didn’t do anything.  But, after a day or two of that, I just said ‘Stop..  do something.. anything’.  That day was a much happier day let me tell you.