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Nov 052013

file0001446941348 (Custom)

A question came up the other day on the Symantec Partner distribution list which is well worth discussing here. The question related to what happens with regards to indexing the list of files INSIDE an ISO file. Some people might already know that if you archive a ZIP file then the contents of the zip are indexed. But that’s not the case for an ISO file – I tested it.
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Sep 102012

Sometimes little oddities like this make me curious!  The question is when your indexes are in backup mode (ie read-only) and you issue a request to rebuild an index, what happens?

Firstly the request is queued, as is mentioned in the dialog when you start the rebuild:

This is also logged in the event log:

Then sometime later when the index comes out of backup mode the rebuild will start.  It won’t start straight away.  The index server needs to be ‘activated’, perhaps by the end-user trying to do a search, or I believe the index server checks hourly for tasks to perform.

By the way, if a user does try to do a search, they’ll see:

When the rebuild is completed, the event log will get the normal message added to it saying that the rebuild was complete.


Note: This is pre-EV10

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Aug 122011

Outlook can be configured with a user/mail certificate, published the GAL to enable end users to be able to send encrypted messages.  Quite a few people use these, sometimes on it’s own, sometimes in conjunction with signed messages.

You can use Microsoft Certificate Services, to issue certificates, or you as an end-user can use a certificate from a third party – the choice is up to you; and your IT policy.

Once you have a certificate you can send mail and use that certificate.  To encrypt the message you publish the certificate to the GAL.  You can even set it so that Outlook will encrypted all mail as you send it.

When you send an encrypted message, this is what you see in Outlook :


Notice you can not preview the item in the reading pane in Outlook.  When you double click on the item, this is what you see :


Notice the blue padlock icon at the right hand side of the message.

Archiving of these types of messages is no problem with Enterprise Vault 9.0.2.  However Enterprise Vault can not index the content of the messages, because they can not be decrypted by the vault service account.  Metadata about the item will be indexed.  Essentially the visible part – see below.

After archiving the item will look like this in Outlook :


Notice the blue padlock isn’t visible in the preview which is generated.  The message body is also not visible, only the rest of the shortcut content (eg the banner, links to attachments and so on).

Double clicking on the item will retrieve it, and it will disable just like the second screenshot above.