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Mar 262014

Since Exchange 2010 and now with Exchange 2013, Microsoft Exchange ships with throttling policies. These are designed to prevent mis-use of system resources by end users. However, they can become a bit of a pain for applications which ‘require’ this mis-use such as Enterprise Vault or Blackberry Enterprise Manager.

These applications mis-use the system in the eyes of Exchange because they do ‘too many things’. An end-user would never need dozens of MAPI session open, or tens of items/folders open at any one time. That’s what the throttling policies are trying to protect against, but unfortunately they can interfere with the usage of these type of applications.

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Apr 302013

1One of the things which was noted in the most recent Compatibility List updates was that Enterprise Vault now co-exists and works with Exchange 2010 SP 3. This was an update from Microsoft which, as well as fixing many issues, allows co-existence of Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 in the same Exchange organisation. So the fact that Enterprise Vault now works in this same environment is great.

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Feb 252013

1361818723_system-software-updateOver the last week or so there have been two important updates in the Exchange world.  These are important for people who use Enterprise Vault to target Microsoft Exchange.

The first release is Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3.  It was talked about back in September that it was ‘coming soon’ and then on the 12th February it was announced as live on the Exchange Team Blog.  This update brings many fixes and most importantly allows coexistence with Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013.  Whilst Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 does support Exchange 2013, it does not (yet) have certified support for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3.  So, wait, before installing the service pack!

The second release also announced on 12th February is:

Exchange 2010 SP 2 Update Rollup 6 AND

Exchange 2007 SP 3 Update Rollup 10

Typically Enterprise Vault certification doesn’t go down as far as the individual rollup levels, so, these *should* work and you *can* install them.  However, it is strongly advised to test them out yourself on a lab environment which hopefully has many of the same components deployed as your production environment.  You might also consider pinging the Enterprise Vault forum on Symantec Connect for feedback before taking the plunge on your production environment.