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Nov 152014

One of the questions which is frequently asked on the forums after a new Exchange Server update is whether or not Enterprise Vault will work with it, and whether it will be supported. For the most part in the past, roll-ups or cumulative updates weren’t specifically tested and called out individually. Customers could contact Support, and if an issue was found, it would be worked on and (hopefully) fixed.

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Mar 262014

Since Exchange 2010 and now with Exchange 2013, Microsoft Exchange ships with throttling policies. These are designed to prevent mis-use of system resources by end users. However, they can become a bit of a pain for applications which ‘require’ this mis-use such as Enterprise Vault or Blackberry Enterprise Manager.

These applications mis-use the system in the eyes of Exchange because they do ‘too many things’. An end-user would never need dozens of MAPI session open, or tens of items/folders open at any one time. That’s what the throttling policies are trying to protect against, but unfortunately they can interfere with the usage of these type of applications.

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Apr 302013

1One of the things which was noted in the most recent Compatibility List updates was that Enterprise Vault now co-exists and works with Exchange 2010 SP 3. This was an update from Microsoft which, as well as fixing many issues, allows co-existence of Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 in the same Exchange organisation. So the fact that Enterprise Vault now works in this same environment is great.

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