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Nov 102014

At last.

It’s a joy to use.. and work with.

*Just* like Outlook 2013 on Windows, for the most part (in my early usage of it).

Available to Office 365 subscription people, I give to you … New Outlook for Mac OSX


Jun 092014

I discovered a neat little feature on my Hackintosh (OSX 10.9.2). When you’re charging the machine, you can find out how long it will take before it reaches full:

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 08.38.17

Very cool!

May 012014

file0001657190633In the past I’ve written about using/building a Hackintosh. A couple of weeks ago I started to look at getting OSX to work on my Lenovo Yoga 13. I read some forum posts, I watched some videos.  Somethings helped, and somethings confused me, and somethings were only as far as Mountain Lion, and I wanted Mavericks.

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