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Rob Wilcox

Jan 142016

Have you wondered about the (relatively) new feature of SMTP archiving in Enterprise Vault, and how it might compare with the ‘traditional’ Journal Archiving features which have been in the product for a long time? Well, my friends over at Adept-tec are running a webinar on just that topic soon.

Yes that’s right ANOTHER free webinar from them.

So if you’re wondering how the two techniques compare, and how to configure and use SMTP Archiving, why not join the webinar and find out more?

Nov 232015

If you have been involved in Enterprise Vault for a long time you will remember that mobile access to Enterprise Vault wasn’t a particularly great experience. You’ll also remember that more recently a lot of work was put in by the development, testing and customer experience teams to provide IMAP Access, and Mobile Search.

It’s quite a new thing, and if you want to learn some best practices for how to use this in the ‘real world’, I’d recommend attending this webinar. It’s from Adept-tec, who are really knowledgeable about Enterprise Vault.

Nov 122015

A colleague of mine spotted this quite brilliant list of articles relating to Enterprise Vault Product Documentation:

Enterprise Vault Product Documentation

Finding documentation amongst multiple versions can be quite handy if you’re trying to find out when a new feature was implemented. Or if you’re trying to find out when a particular feature changed. Take for example things around the shortcut-processing actions which changed a few versions ago in Enterprise Vault. There are lots of other changes over time.  The article links back to documentation as far as Enterprise Vault 8, which is kind of as far as you’d want to go, right? 🙂