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May 312016

Whilst Enterprise Vault 12 is now available there are still quite a number of people who are on Enterprise Vault 11.0.1. Earlier in the year Veritas released 11.0.1 Cumulative Update 5, for Enterprise Vault.

This link has the information about the update.  The update is a little over 300 Mb.

The main list of fixes are as shown below:

  • Enterprise Vault server
    • Etrack 3798339: Users’ permissions on shared folders were sometimes removed
    • Etrack 3851970: Enterprise Vault could not convert Microsoft Excel binary format (.xlsb) files
    • Etrack 3854703: EVSVR operation Repair DatabaseReferences would fail with the error “Not implemented (0x80004001)” when attempting to repair Enterprise Vault 2007 or earlier savesets
    • Etrack 3860168: PST Locator task failed to search for computers in multi-domain environments
    • Etrack 3861886: In rare circumstances, Enterprise Vault would create unused 64-bit index volume folders for some 32-bit index volumes
    • Etrack 3865480: EVSVR enhancement to re-queue items in the Failed Items folder of the Storage Queue
    • Etrack 3867012: Performance issues after you enabled collection from certain EMC Centera partitions
  • Domino server archiving
    • Etrack 3800065: Domino Server Archiving became unresponsive if StorageCrawler process threads were forcefully terminated
    • Etrack 3851223: Certain Domino cluster configurations could prevent iNotes from opening archived items
    • Etrack 3858775: Items that included embedded images remained in archive pending state
    • Etrack 3859836: Recipients were missing from the CC field when using “Reply to All with Internet-Style History”
  • File System Archiving
    • Etrack 3860415: FileScreenService.exe failed repeatedly
    • Etrack 3862469: Target file servers in File System Archiving sometimes became unresponsive and stopped
    • Etrack 3862474: Enterprise Vault failed to recall files to a NetApp C-mode file server
  • SharePoint server archiving
    • Etrack 3862825: Members of the Everyone group were sometimes unable to access items in a SharePoint 2013 document library
  • Enterprise Vault Search
    • Etrack 3852550: Enterprise Vault Search truncated the value of certain fields if tilde character (~) was the leading character
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