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Nov 042015

A had a problem the other day that drove me nearly insane. I wanted to see the Enterprise Vault tab on some folders within a mailbox (and on a public folder).  I couldn’t see them.. no matter what I did.

Why? Why? Why?

The setting I adjusted/checked was:

folder visible

It was definitely set to show the tab. But countless mailbox sync’s and restarts of Outlook, along with changing a different setting to confirm that the change to show the tab was in fact working, all resulted in no tab being shown.

Eventually, I found the solution.

You need the ‘full’ client for it to be visible, and it’s documented in this article:

Article ID: 36854 – The Enterprise Vault tab is not visible on the Outlook folder properties

It’s here in the Desktop Policy:

the solution

After that (and the appropriate mailbox sync) the tab showed up!

Sometimes it’s these strange things that keep me from having a full head of hair! Have you ever experienced this strange-ness? Let me know…


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  2 Responses to “Enterprise Vault tab not visible”

  1. Excellent information, thanks for sharing. Yes, these nuances can be a challenge to find. It will not be the last time you troubleshoot yourself into a lather finding these tidbits out. Thanks again for sharing. This is one less time I don’t have to pull my own hair out!

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