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Sep 072015

A few days ago I was reminded of an old post I wrote (here) that talked about the supported Outlook versions on the Enterprise Vault server.

For a very, very, very long time the latest version supported was Outlook 2007 SP 3, with a bunch of hotfixes on top. Around May 2015, Outlook 2013 can be supported on the Enterprise Vault Server. I wrote a new post (here) on that very topic.

As with any aspect of Enterprise Vault it is super important to stay up to date with the Compatibility List. I know it’s a bit of a big document these days, but some of the fundamental stuff which is in there like Operating Systems, Outlook versions and so on is pretty critical to most people that use Enterprise Vault.


Correction: Outlook 2013 is supported on the EV Server.



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  5 Responses to “Outlook Versions on the Enterprise Vault Server”

  1. Thanks for the reminder, adding an alert when it’s updated is good practice too.

    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for the comment, and you’re right .. in fact I might do a quick blog post about that soon, as many people aren’t aware of how to do it.

  2. I think you meant outlook 2013 was supported on the EV server, as only 2007 and 2013 are supported, 2010 is not

  3. It is important to note that Outlook 2013 x86 SP1 is supported only.
    Not the 64-bit client, nor the Original Release version.

    I have it running on two new EV-servers, talking to Exchange 2010, without issues.

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