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May 122015

For a long time Outlook has been used on Enterprise Vault servers to perform various activities relating to archiving. More specifically the underlying MAPI libraries are used. For many years the highest version of Outlook which was supported on the server was Outlook 2007, but recently that all changed.

I remember when I worked in Enterprise Vault Engineering a few years ago and Outlook 2010 was announced, and finally released. During the beta phase Outlook 2010 was tried on the Enterprise Vault servers, but for many reasons (including performance, or lack of it) the support of running it on the server was never forthcoming.

So the compatibility charts showed this, for a long time:


As I said above this has all changed recently, with the release of Enterprise Vault 11.0.1.  With this release Outlook 2013 SP 1 is now supported on the Enterprise Vault Server, with a few caveats:

– Has to be Outlook 2013 SP 1 32 bit

– Has to be Enterprise Vault 11.0.1

– Can not be used to target Exchange 2003 (yes some people still have this).

So now the charts look like this:


Will you be upgrading Outlook on your Enterprise Vault Servers?



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  3 Responses to “Outlook Versions on the Enterprise Vault Server – Again”

  1. Already upgraded to Outlook 2013. Works well with EV 11.0.1.

    • Hi Wat, Thanks for the comment.. Have you noticed any change in performance? Did you install it because it matches your desktop standard?

  2. Hi Wat,
    Did you upgrade the Outlook with overinstall or uninstall and reinstall method?

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