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Mar 172015

The ‘Restore from Vault’ button is a close colleague of the ‘Store in Vault’ button in the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-in. Many people know what it does, and doesn’t do, but let’s go over some of the nitty gritty here.

Strange as it seems it doesn’t restore the item from the vault in the true sense.

In my mind, if it MOVED the item from the archive back to the mailbox then that would be a true ‘restore from vault’, but this button does a slightly different thing to that. What the button does is restore a COPY of the item back to the mailbox (either in the current folder, or, in the restored items folder’). The item in the archive is still there, untouched.

That is probably the number one thing that people get confused about with regards to this button – they think it removes the item from the archive, but it does not do that.

What actually happens is that the item is marked with a timestamp, and the icon changed to pending restore. The Outlook Add-in then sends a HTTP request to the Enterprise Vault server to restore a copy of the item.

09/03/2015 14:39:21.565[2180][M]: Sending HTTP request: http://rowi01-ev-01.rowiev.local/EnterpriseVault/clientaction.asp?act=4&fdrenc=_&dn=/o%3dFirst%20Organization/ou%3dExchange%20Administrative%20Group%20(FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn%3dRecipients/cn%3ddel-1726&svr=ROWI01-EX-01&sid=108A949F5E6FEBF43954BCD5A47E15E7B1d10000rowi01-ev-01.rowiev.local&tsp=2015-03-09T14:39:21&pdl=AAAAAAAACBJPMCNBGNHIBEEEJDJEAIOIAMBODCIDABAABMDEJLPBPBEKMDEJIHBBHHCJAHBNCCDIAAAAAAIPGHAHAAAA
The W3WP component of the Enterprise Vault receives and processes the request on to AgentClientBroker, and the RetrievalTask. That does the work, of restoring the item.

When all that’s done, remember the item is still in the archive.

Do you have this button enabled? Do users really know what it does? Let me know in the comments below…

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