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Jul 242014

A few weeks ago I helped on a forum post on the Symantec Connect forums (If you’re an EV person, and don’t use those forums, you should!). The issue was about the ‘typical’ secretary/manager relationship that exists in many companies around the world, and the issue related to restoring items.

Say you have a typical secretary/manager relationship and, when logged in as the secretary, you try to restore something to the managers Inbox folder. The user interface in the new Enterprise Vault 11 Search application is pretty slick and it lets you pick the folder you want to restore the item to. In my case I chose the Inbox of the Managers mailbox.

When the “Restoring” window then pops up, unfortunately it says it’s restoring it to:


argghh That’s the secretaries folder. ┬áThat’s not what I selected in the previous step.

Turns out that this is a bit of a bug, I think, and the person on the forums was going to follow this up with Symantec. Hopefully it will be something that will be fixed in the future.

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