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Jul 062014

As many Enterprise Vault people will know Enterprise Vault 11 Cumulative Hotfix 1, came out on Friday (4th July 2014). Here is a link to the technote where you can download the update:

Enterprise Vault 11.0.0 Cumulative Hotfix 1 Release

I decided to upgrade one of my labs almost straight away because I’m looking to see if resolves a long standing issue we’ve had with Archive Shuttle and ingesting data into Enterprise Vault.  The 160-something Mb download is a zip file containing an ISO of 350-something Mb.  So it’s not a ‘small’ update let me tell you!

The installation was kind of strange as well.  The first time I ran it the installer failed to stop any of the services, and after 5 minutes of frustration I decided to abort the installation, set all the Enterprise Vault services to manual, restart the machine, and try again.  The install worked that time, and only took a couple of minutes.

The final bit that as a bit ‘odd’ was having to run the Database Upgrade via a ‘new-style’-command line tool. It was a bit of a pain having to do that manually, especially in my single server site, where it would be nice to just ‘do it’ as part of the installation.

After that, what’s the verdict?

Well I haven’t found any issues yet, and it solved the issue where the EV API would take a folder name and just because it has a few digits here and there in the folder path, it would think it was a folder ID, instead of just a path.

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  4 Responses to “Enterprise Vault 11 Cumulative Hotfix 1 – Road Trip”

  1. The instructions for the installation of the Cumulative Update 1 say to stop all EV services.

    • Thanks for the comment Brett. Yes you’re right it does say that. Same as it says that in the service pack instructions too. I’ve just never done that when working in a lab, and 11.0 CHF1 was the *first time* in 7.5 years that I’ve had the issue where the service couldn’t be stopped by the installer.

      After this particular ‘bad’ attempt to upgrade, I upgraded another one of the lab environments that I have access to … and that *did* manage to stop the services during the installation.

      • Your post saved me some trouble with a new EV 11 installation and upgrading to the CU 1. I like you was use to just letting the SP and hotfix installs run without having to deal with services being stopped manually.

        One more thing I have run into and it seems to be an issue with EV 11 installations that use the new Enterprise Vault Search component for the integrated search in Outlook Add-In. An Outlook Add-In client will click on the Search and be able to do searches in a similar fashion using the integrated Search Window. The issue seems to come up with double clicking on a search item and being presented with a Download dialog request from IE instead of the traditional ‘Open item directly’ You can get around the issue by right clicking on a search item and selecting open but the default behavior is simply to download.

        EV instances that upgrade from earlier versions to EV 11 will still have the old Integrated Search function available until they go to the Site properties for the EV site and select the Upgrade option from the temporary Search tab. But this is not an option for net New EV 11 builds.

        Just thought I would pass along my experience with this new version.

        • Thanks for the comment Brett. At least I know now it’s not just me that found this CHF a little ‘odd’. You also have to remember to run the little Database Upgrader manually – I did that in another lab environment (or rather didn’t do it) and it caused all sorts of odd stuff to happen.

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