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Jun 122014

I often wonder whether users are allowed to delete archived emails from their archive in Enterprise Vault when I talk to new customers. There are extremes of a sort of knee-jerk reaction: some customers says ‘hell yeah’, other customers say ‘hell no, never, never, ever’.

When it comes down to it though there are three options. Users can delete:

– Just the shortcut

In which case literally just the shortcut is removed from the mailbox. The archived item still exists in the archive. It’s worth noting though that there isn’t a tool which can recreate the shortcuts once they have been deleted.

– Both the archived item, AND, the shortcut

In which case both the shortcut and the archived item will be deleted. If it’s enabled, the archived item can be restored by an Enterprise Vault administrator by going to the properties of the user archive, and restoring them:

– Ask the user

This option gives the user the choice of which they want to delete: just the shortcut, or the archived item and the shortcut.
Do you allow archived items to be deleted from the archive in the environments you work with? Let me know in the comments below.


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