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May 282014

In the last few weeks I’ve heard of several companies who have not configured storage expiry at all. I know in the US there are quite a few ‘strong’ laws when it comes to data retention including archived emails. But these companies were in Europe, where the laws are currently less certain.

So why keep everything, forever?

Well, I think it’s down to the fear of the unknown? As the months go by, and the years approach, it seems only a matter of time before individual European countries or the EU as a whole passes some sort of laws/bills that govern what needs to be kept and for how long. In the meantime, conservative Europeans are taking the cautionary approach of keeping everything.

I’m no lawyer, so I can’t tell you whether this is the best approach, or not.

I can only say that from a storage point of view it does make for some interesting reading… nothing is allowed to be deleted.  Journaling is in place as well as mailbox archiving. Average message sizes are increasing. PST ingestion is still a thing that is happening for many organisations.

Where will all this required storage end?

Do you have storage expiry enabled for Enterprise Vault, or not? Let me know in the comments below

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  2 Responses to “Storage Expiry – To Be, or Not To Be?”

  1. Management want to switch it on for email archiving for anything older than 7 years for everyone but users of some depts keep telling me that they have longer retention requirements. I guess we could just put those users on legal hold but the problem is no one defined any custom departmental retention categories before we implemented EV. Management just wanted to get everyone on it with a standard category which has now backfired on them. So now we are stuck with all archived emails having the same retention category. So unless there is a way to retrospectively change the categories of existing archives (which i don’t believe there is in EV) we are stuck with one category fits all for historic content and I’m now too scared to switch storage expiry on because I know there will be fallout and everyone will assume that users individual archives can just be restored from backup just like you can with exchange mailboxes (good luck with that one).

    I’m more comfortable with storage expiry on FSA and retention folders but email storage expiry makes me very nervous. Users change roles and departments as often as their under garments at my company and the helpdesk has a big enough task removing and adding them from the right security groups. So for instance, if a user moves from a dept with 5 year ret category to one with a 10 year one and the helpdesk forgets to change their provisioning group that means their emails will get stamped with the incorrect retention category and emails get deleted after 5 years instead of 10. How do people manage this in large organisations? I guess on the plus side I doubt I’ll be there in 5 years time 😛

    • Thanks for the comments, and the thoughts. I understand your predicament. It might be an idea to discuss your concerns with one of the Symantec partners, perhaps a master specialist partner with a huge depth of EV knowledge; like Adept-tec, in the UK.

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