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May 092014

I was wondering the other day how we can look at the number of archived items in a vault store, by year. Knowing this sort of information will help with various things relating to migration.

For example it will help show how much ‘old’ data there is in the Vault Store that might have been added to Enterprise Vault by some archiac version.

I came up with this little bit of SQL which does the job nicely:

SELECT Year(iddatetime) as "Year",
       Count(itemsize)      "No. Archived Items", 
       Sum(itemsize) / 1024 "Total Size (MB)" 
FROM   saveset
group by Year(IdDateTime)
order by YEAR(iddatetime) desc

And the output looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 17.58.26

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  3 Responses to “Archived Items in a Vault Store by Year”

  1. Robbedy bob bob,
    Can even go a bit more granular fella. i.e:-

    DATEPART(yy, ArchivedDate) as [Year],
    DATENAME(MONTH, ArchivedDate) as [Month],
    COUNT(*) AS [Number of Items],
    SUM(cast(ItemSize as bigint))/1024 AS [Saveset Size (MB)],
    SUM(OriginalSize)/1024/1024 AS [Orignal Size (MB)]
    JOIN SavesetProperty ON Saveset.SavesetIdentity = SavesetProperty.SavesetIdentity
    ArchivedDate asc

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