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May 012014

file0001657190633In the past I’ve written about using/building a Hackintosh. A couple of weeks ago I started to look at getting OSX to work on my Lenovo Yoga 13. I read some forum posts, I watched some videos.  Somethings helped, and somethings confused me, and somethings were only as far as Mountain Lion, and I wanted Mavericks.

So I took the plunge.

I backed up everything to an external disk, that I thought that I might need to keep. To be fair though for quite some time I’ve tried not to install too much stuff under Windows, and certainly not store stuff locally. I use Dropbox, which again is something I’ve written about before.

After a few days of failed attempts, I got as far as an install, but with no Audio, and some bits being a bit unreliable to say the least. I gave up for a while, and went back to Windows 8.1.  Four days after that, I decided to try again.

After a couple more days of trying I managed to get everything I need installed, and working. I’ll write about the exact steps in another blog post. But for now it’s super good.  *Most* things work, and that’s good enough for me for now (I did have a few moments of panic where I was trying desperately to get absolutely everything working). In the end though, good enough is actually pretty good.

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