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Apr 282014

From time to time it might be necessary to grant a user (eg the Vault Service Account) permission to every mailbox archive in an environment. You may need to search for a particular word or phrase across the entire organisation.

Let’s see how to do that.

The Best Way

Of course the best way is to use Discovery Accelerator. This is optimised for handling complex searches, and for ensuring the Enterprise Vault environment isn’t overwhelmed by the search request over 5000+ archives.

The ‘Poor Mans’ Way

For some environments and for some searches Discovery Accelerator might not be an option. In those situations there are a couple of steps:

Give Access to All

To be able to search all archives an account needs to be given the ability to search archive. Not even the Vault Service Account has this ability out of the box. So an EVPM script is needed in order to touch all archives, and give the permissions necessary.

Initially an archive might show the following:



We’ll have to build an EVPM INI file. EVPM is quite well described in the Utilities Guide and after a few minutes you should be able to get a script file together, which will look a little bit like this:


And then EVPM needs to be run with that file:


Since EVPM doesn’t have to login to each mailbox associated with each archive, running the script is pretty quick. 10+ archives should be touched per second, easily.

Afterwards our sample archive looks like this:


Do the Search

After this Browser Search can be used, and the option to ‘Search All’ can be selected:



Have you ever tried this mechanism? How has it worked for you?


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