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Mar 132014

Many people consider looking after their health a number one priority.

We take time to consider what we’re putting into our bodies, and if we we start to feel any pain we get it checked out by a doctor to figure out what is truly wrong. We also make sure our body is properly maintained with the right sorts of food, and of course, some exercise. We also make sure we take enough time to relax, and sleep.

We don’t always consider that the health of our business applications is just as important.

Often times our business applications are left for long periods of time running flat-out with no considersation for the data that is growing untethered inside the storage pools. We allow things to get a little out of control.

But we shouldn’t, this is the wrong thing to do if it were a human, and it’s the wrong thing to do for critical business applications.

Health Checks on your Enterprise Vault environment are important, critical even, if you want to ensure the longevity of the infrastructure. The checks usually take a little while to go through and are thorough. Several consultancies offer this sort of service, at a price. But I just found out that Adep-tec are offering a health check for FREE on each Fitness Friday during April.

Book your appointment now, as it’s as a first come first served basis. Get your environment checked for free? You can’t do better than talking to the experts at Adept-tec.

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