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Mar 112014

file0001631089542Something that people all like to do from time to time is to rearrange their archived email. In the past this probably meant you would create a PST file (or three) and start dragging and dropping data in and creating folders, procrastinating a bit about where to put stuff, and perhaps even copying some things to more than one folder or PST file.

How would you do that with Enterprise Vault?

Prior to Enterprise Vault 8 the archived item lived forever where it was originally archived from. In Enterprise Vault 8 though, a new feature was introduced. When I worked at Symantec it was called modifiable metadata. Essentially it is the shortcut processing of the archiving task. Enterprise Vault will update the location of the item into e archive based on where the shortcut currently is.

But what if you don’t have shortcuts?

In that case end users can use virtual vault, and simply create folders in there, and drag and drop items around to rearrange them. After doing that, either an automatic background synch needs to take place or the user can initiate a manual synch and the changes will be made in the archive.

Spring cleaning time for anyone?

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