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Feb 192014

Sometimes as an Enterprise Vault administrator or an Enterprise Vault end-user you might need to check if a folder is excluded from archiving with the Exchange Archiving Task.  It’s quite simple to check using the Outlook Add-in.

Let’s see how:

Outlook Add-in to Use

Since Enterprise Vault 10.0.2 there has been a single Outlook Add-in, rather than separate HTTP and DCOM versions.  So the best Outlook Add-in to use is one that is 10.0.2 or later. This will work only with an Enterprise Vault 9 or Enterprise Vault 10 Server.  If you’re on an older version, you will need to make sure you have the DCOM version of the Outlook Add-in installed.


Open Outlook

These steps will work in any version of Outlook, so all you’ve got to do is open Outlook.


Find the folder

The next step is to locate the folder in the hierarchy and select it.


View the properties

If you right click on the folder you’ll be able to bring up the properties.  For example:


Go to the Enterprise Vault Properties tab

If you don’t see the Enterprise Vault tab, check in the Outlook Add-in log file, it could be that the Add-in has been set to ‘Light’ mode:

19/02/2014 07:27:00.014[1880][H]:     Enterprise Vault Client (Light functionality enabled)

If it has, then you need to change that in the desktop policy for the user, and synchronise the mailbox, as well as restarting Outlook (remember you can change the policy for one user by changing the policy and synchronising that one user — and changing the policy back again).   You should then be able to see the Enterprise Vault tab, like so:


You can then verify if the folder does have a particular policy applied to it, in particular you can see if it is configured to not archive. And here is a more normal one:




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