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Jan 042014

As I mentioned in the previous post, I decided to write another post relating to the web site stats that I received for my blog from WordPress (via Jetpack).  The stats were quite interesting in their own way, and have led me to a change of plan.  More about that below…

The Statistics

The stats themselves were great, it said I had 57,000 views in 2013. That’s fantastic. That’s down to you; the readers.  It also says that there were 175 new posts. That’s because there is almost some new to learn about Enterprise Vault every single day.

Change of Plan?

I had originally decided that in 2014 I would cease my blog. I planned to put my energies into another project which will launch soon.  It’s been a decision that I’ve been pondering on and off for a month or so, and with a break leading up to Christmas (where I only ‘get’ to work a couple of hours a day) I had made the decision to stop working on this blog. Close it’s doors.


The stats which have come through have validated the efforts that I’ve put into this blog over the last few years, the knowledge which has built up here, and the community that follow it. I introduced a sign-up page to receive notifications via email, and the people subscribed there have grown slowly. Please sign up if you haven’t already, I’ll be making use of the list for interesting new pieces of things that I learned today in the next month or two.

So the blog will not go away. I’ll work on it in parallel with the new venture I’m working on (http://www.writing-it-better.co.uk). In fact I’m going to leech over some of the ideas from the new blog (ebook’s, video tutorials, and so on) on to this blog too.

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