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Jan 022014

I decided to write a 2013 Review ready for the new year. 2013 has been a busy year for Enterprise Vault, and I’ll cover that in this post.  Part way through researching this post I got an email about my blog stats from WordPress (via Jetpack). . The stats pleasantly surprised me, so I decided to write about them in a second post ….

During the year we’ve seen the following:

Enterprise Vault 11 Beta

This began in ..  and if you subscribed and were accepted it meant you could get to grips with the new version of Enterprise Vault ahead of the main release.

Enterprise Vault 10.0.4

July 2013 brought us the general availability of 10.0.4 of Enterprise Vault, as shown in this blog post on the Connect Forums.

Cumulative Updates for 10.0.4

September 2013 brought us a post 10.0.4 Cumulative Update fixing some of the issues encountered in the 10.0.4 release.

Enterprise Vault 9.0.5

There are still some organizations on Enterprise Vault 9 (Why?  Upgrade already!) for those people there was a release in April. That release was EV 9.0.5. Personally I haven’t upgraded my EV 9 lab, I’ve left it on EV 9.0.4.

Looking Ahead?

Looking into 2014 I hope that we see some more improvements in the product and new features that will hopefully be well implemented and arrive in Enterprise Vault 11.

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