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Dec 142013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom time to time I dip in to the ‘other world’ of FSA with Enterprise Vault. I know I’m a die-hard Exchange mailbox archiving knowledge-base – normally. But I do know a thing or three about FSA, really, I do! In this little blog post I’ll explain how you can search an FSA archive for a file with a particular name.

Just Search?

Surely the answer to searching by filename is just to launch search, and put in the filename and click ‘Search’?

Well, no.

When you use search to look for data it searches the whole of the items, so searching for a name like *MyCV* would give you hits from both filenames with that in their name, and content of files too. Not what we want in this situation.

Advanced Search

The way forward is to use Advanced Search. Here is a screenshot:

What you have to do is put the filename in the *subject* field – which is a little bit odd. But it works!

To my mind it’s a bit ‘odd’ that you have to run an advanced search in order to be able to search for a particular filename, but I suppose things had to implemented in some way, and the default search as implemented so that it searched content, rather than filenames.

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  2 Responses to “Search for a filename in Enterprise Vault FSA”

  1. well just a couple of things on this
    If you search for myFile.jpg, what you’re actually searching for is “myFile jpg” as the . is an operator, basically any number of spaces, and if you do contains any of, you might get results that are myFile but not jpg, or jpg by not myfile etc

    Your best bet is to put the myFile in the subject, and jpg in the extension, unless you’re looking for mentions of “myFile.jpg” in an email or another attachment etc

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