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Nov 202013

file0001593638748 (Custom)Which retention category an email has been stored under is not something that users usually concern themselves with. For the most part, once it’s archived it’s archived, and they’re done with it. From time to time though, users do want to know. So how can an end-user find out the retention categories which have been used? Well, below I’ve listed a few different options which will help your users find the retention category if they need to:

Archive Explorer
– Has to be selected from Display Options on each folder

Folder Properties
– Has to be enabled in the policy, and works best with an update to client (10.0.4) and server (also 10.0.4). In the past this could be used when the DCOM or Full client was used, but that has all gone away and the Outlook Add-in for 10.0.4 provides the appropriate functionality in a single client.

– You have to do a search though, to find the appropriate mail.

Vault Information
– But Vault Information only shows the retention category ID, not the descriptive name of the category

Do your end users ever contact the IT Help Desk and ask this sort of question? Let me know in the comments below.

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