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Oct 182013

2013-10-18_09h34_46I’ve always used new releases of Windows software, and always tried to get them early. I was pleased with my Lenovo Yoga 13, and Windows 8.  I resisted the urge to upgrade it to Windows 8.1 Preview; instead I upgraded my (older) HP EliteBook. It was good, but I still held off doing it on my Yoga. I think it was all the news about how the preview couldn’t necessarily be upgraded again to the full 8.1 release.

When 8.1 Preview was released Microsoft said that no-one would get 8.1 RTM ahead of time (save for equipment manufacturers).  That was a shame as MSDN and Technet subscribers usually get things ahead of time, and that’s how I get my early releases too. During September 2013 Microsoft back pedalled a little and made 8.1 available to MSDN and Technet subscribers.

I spent several hours downloading the 3.5 GB ISO of 8.1 Enterprise from MSDN. I quickly discovered that actually I could only ‘keep nothing’ or ‘keep personal files’, it would wipe all my apps. Several people suggested that *perhaps* I had the UK English rather than US English version of Windows 8 installed, and that they had to match.  So I downloaded another 3.5 GB ISO… same issue.  Other people suggested that actually the 8.1 Enterprise was still a work in progress and upgrades wouldn’t be possible until General Availability (17th October 2013). So after a big sigh, I waited.

And I waited.

And yesterday I downloaded the UK English version. Another 3.5 GB, only to be presented with the same problem.

I posted on the MSDN Forums, and got a response pretty quickly.  The ‘answer’ would appear to be that I need the general US English version. 3.5 GB more downloaded, and I applied the update.


It took maybe 20 minutes altogether (this beast has a nice SSD in it), and there appeared to be no hiccups, until I noticed that whilst the start screen looked nice and crisp, but the desktop apps look big, and clunky … like big Lego blocks!

Turns out two things fixed it for me on my Yoga :

a/ Completely uninstalled the Lenovo video driver (and rebooted a few times). Haven’t yet ventured into reinstalling that, because I think the real cure is:

b/ Change the ‘zoom’ level


It seems that the default has changed – maybe because of this being a tablet – the default zoom was set to medium, 125%.  Hence things looking ‘clunky’.

After that, all is well 🙂  And you only have to sign out and back in again for the zoom level to take effect.


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  8 Responses to “Upgrading Windows 8 Enterprise to 8.1 Enterprise”

  1. I actually downloaded the UK version of the ISO and upgraded fine this morning with my 8.1 Enterprise. I just blogged about my experiences. http://www.graham-walsh.com/?p=914

    • Maybe my ‘real’ problem was that I had US English Windows 8… so the 8.1 UK English ISO didn’t work. Not sure how you find that out.
      Do you know what you had in 8?

  2. I installed windows 8 enterprise with UK english iso from msdn, so now I install US english ISO I get this error: http://goo.gl/4UWsUW did you get the same when you install UK version ? And you upgrade by install direct from iso or another way?
    I don’t have msdn account so I cant download UK iso now, can you help me download UK version to try?
    Thank you!

    • No, I didn’t get that problem. The problem I had was that it wouldn’t allow me to keep ‘apps’, only ‘nothing’ or ‘files’.

      • I’ve upgraded, my problem is same to you! Thank for your post!
        Do you need to reactive your windows with another key? After I upgrade to 8.1 my windows is’nt actived.

  3. Yes I had to activate again.
    I also don’t think the ‘normal’ Windows 8 Enterprise key worked, I had to use an 8.1 Enterprise Key.

  4. Thank you, my key don’t work too!

  5. I had the same prompt about keeping data etc. … “Nah, they can’t mean wiping all the current install surely” I thought.


    Don’t know why, applied the N version which is what I thought I had before, but maybe I didn’t.

    Thanks a bunch MS, another days work re-installing everything

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