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Sep 272013

file000132267159 (Mobile)I’ve setup Enterprise Vault with Outlook Web App on Exchange 2010 many, many times before. However, it has been quite some time since I did it last, and I hit a problem. The problem I had was that when I was running:

cscript owauser.wsf /domain….etc

It was coming back with:

WScript version: 5.8
Configuring for Exchange 2003/2007
Running as: ROWIEV\vaultadmin
User name: vaultadmin
User domain: rowiev.local
Assigned user right: SeNetworkLogonRight
Assigned user right: SeInteractiveLogonRight
Assigned user right: SeBatchLogonRight
Assigned user right: SeChangeNotifyPrivilege
ERROR: Failed to update IP address restrictions. Check that Feature Delegation for ‘IPv4 Address and Domain Restrictions’ is set to ‘Read/Write’

Now, tried as I might I couldn’t find out how to do this so that the script would run to completion. In the end I found it. What you have to do is click on the MACHINE itself in IIS Manager:

owa - 2013-09-05_21h50_13

Then you can click on FEATURE DELEGATION, which is just down at the bottom of the screenshot above.

You can scroll down to the section for IP restrictions, and set it to read/write:

owa - 2013-09-05_21h50_25

And hey presto – problem solved, script runs perfectly.

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  2 Responses to “Setting up OWA with Enterprise Vault – A lesson learned”

  1. Just wanted to say that as I prepare to enter the world of EV Admin, I have found your posts very helpful!
    I have bookmarked so many of your pages (including this one), I could probably make a cookbook out of them lol!

    Take care and thanks again!


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