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Sep 212013

file0001338730493 (Mobile)Although products like Enterprise Vault offer the idea of ‘unlimited’ archiving, there are still several limits that an administrator or consultant should consider when it comes to deploying Enterprise Vault. One of the options available in the Enterprise Vault Desktop Policy is the ability to set the OVStoreSize as a percentage. OVStoreSize is the way to set the size limit of Vault Cache.

As can be seen below it can be set in two ways:


Maximum Size

The first way is a specific maximum size. If set to 5 Gb, then the Vault Cache will not grow beyond 5 Gb. Someone with an archive which is bigger than this will get the ‘newest’ 5 Gb, with things slowly sliding along, newer data pushing out older data.

Percentage Size

The second way is a percentage size. This size is the percentage of free disk space at the time that Vault Cache is setup. Sometimes people think that it is the percentage of the size of the archive – but that’s not the case.

Using the percentage mechanism allows more flexibility but at the ‘cost’ that people don’t end up with a standard size of Vault Cache-ness, and it adds another step to the troubleshooting process. Sometimes people have different mechanisms in different desktop policies applied to different groups of users.

Do you set limits in the Vault Cache Size?

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  3 Responses to “OVStoreSize Percentage / Vault Cache Size Limits in Enterprise Vault”

  1. Hi Rob,

    years ago I read what happens when you configure the maximum size e.g. to 30GB and some client doesn’t have enough free space on hdd.
    As far as I know for this client the maximum size will decrease to another value.
    In case the client just has 20 GB of initial free space. What happens and which value will be set?

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find anymore the Information.

    thanks and Kind Regards


    • I know that there is *much* better handling in the EV9+ clients for low disk space conditions. Without testing it, the lower limit will apply… in fact if I remember correctly disk space is checked much more dynamically. So if 20 Gb is available at the start of the Vault Cache build, and the user uses some of that up, it will be dynamically adjusted.
      Not sure what would show in the UI though. But it will be much more tolerant.

      Hope that helps, and thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Rob,

    hope so…

    Lets see…

    Maybe I have to open a case. I will leave a new comment if I get concrete Information.

    Thanks a lot!


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