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Sep 192013

I know I probably shouldn’t, but I did. What? Well, I upgraded my iPad to iOS 7 last night. Remember it’s a lowly iPad 2, not a retina display ultra new model.

The upgrade itself went quite quickly, but I did have a few false starts with trying to pull the update down. And, whilst you get *warnings* when you try to download that you should have plenty of battery or be on power, when it comes to actually do the update you *have* to have 50% or higher battery or be connected to power. Otherwise you get this:


So, after an hour or so of downloading the 600 MiB+ update, I had to wait a little while to plugin in order to do the actual update.


After that, well, first impressions are that it looks quite nice:


Second impressions are that I like the new notification centre, and to see stuff on the lock screen is great. I *loathe* the ‘new email’ notification it sounds rubbish! Google Chrome, which also updated for iOS 7 support yesterday, crashes every 2-3 minutes. Apart from that, things are looking oky.


I’m sure I’ll have another opinion or five in the next few days.


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