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Sep 062013

file00091655793 (Mobile)A question which came from the Symantec Enterprise Vault Connect forums the other day deserves a little more of an answer than I originally gave. The question is:

When you retrieve an item from a shortcut using Enterprise Vault with Outlook Web Access, where is the temporary message stored?

Well the short answer is that it is stored in the users ‘deleted items’ folder, as hidden messages. You can see them using Outlook Spy or similar:



Another question, which is sometimes asked:

When or how are these messages cleaned up?

In OWA 2010, the Enterprise Vault extensions should clear up the message when the mail window in Internet Explorer is closed. If tracing is enabled you would see:

05/09/2013 21:53:06 [5040,1] [RequestProcessor::ProcessEVItemAction] Deleting item

There is always the situation though where a few stray messages might get left, so the mailbox archiving task also cleans up each mailbox. If you DTRACE the archiving task you’ll see entries like this:

150 21:55:11.087 [5896] (ArchiveTask) <11632> EV:L {CArchivingAgent::ProcessOWARestoredItems} (Entry) Checking wastebasket for OWA-restored items and deleting them if they've timed out
151 21:55:11.087 [5896] (ArchiveTask) <11632> EV:L {CArchivingAgent::ProcessOWARestoredItems:#23059} 'OWARestoredItemTimeOut' set to [120] minutes.
152 21:55:11.088 [5896] (ArchiveTask) <11632> EV:L {CArchivingAgent::ProcessOWARestoredItems:#23065} Deleting items restored on or before [18:55:11 05/09/2013].
153 21:55:11.198 [5896] (ArchiveTask) <11632> EV:L {CArchivingAgent::ProcessOWARestoredItems:#23116} Found [0] expired OWA-restored items to delete in the wastebasket.
154 21:55:11.198 [5896] (ArchiveTask) <11632> EV:L {CArchivingAgent::ProcessOWARestoredItems} (Exit) Status: [Success]
155 21:55:11.198 [5896] (ArchiveTask) <11632> EV:M :CArchivingAgent::ProcessUser() |Getting the users mailbox folder and state. |

Interesting !

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