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Aug 312013

I've been using my iPad for many different tasks recently. It has been invaluable to keep online, research things, and even just to look up phone numbers whilst in the process of moving house. Even a thin, lightweight laptop was 'too big' during the crunch of our move (which is nearly finished now, thankfully).

There are still some things though that I haven't accomplished on my iPad, and, now I've done with the majority of my house move, perhaps I'll have time to research some apps that will help accomplish the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Whilst moving though I've used things like:

– Safari (of course) to look at the weather, find phone numbers

– Evernote to track conversations with BT, and others, and scan in receipts for items that we've purchased as part of the move.

– Tweetbot to keep up to date with Twitter, and to post my own progress about my aches and pains

– ToDoist to keep track of things that need doing – their fantastic new iPad app arrived just in time for our house move!

– Mail to, you know, read mail! Both my regular email, and my work mail are mixed into the mail app, and it's a pretty good approach.

– Kindle, for those rare moments that I can relax a little bit

I hope to continue now to keep using the iPad, especially when it comes to article writing and blogging – which reminds me, I have some full length articles to write!


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