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Aug 312013

The other day I came across rather an interesting article on the RSS feed which comprises Symantec technotes. The issue relates to the way that data is stored on disk with Enterprise Vault. It seems that ‘some’ items whilst stored on disk correctly, within the correct date folder, are recorded in the saveset table incorrectly.

It seems that the issue gets worse with Enterprise Vault collections enabled, and worse still the issue doesn’t appear to just affect archiving, but also the retrieval of items. On top of all these problems is that there is the word ‘some’ in front of it all. ‘Some’ always makes me think about how to identify the ‘some’ from the ‘rest’. The article referenced below does not go in to how you figure out what these items are, nor does it look like EVSVR can fix this problem.

So the article is interesting from a number of aspects, but, of course the biggest to me is that there is no discernible way of identifying the problem items, or fixing them – at least it’s not identified in the article at this time. Might well be worth subscribing to the technote to be notified of updates.

Have a read of the technote, and it appears to affect ALL Enterprise Vault 9.0 and 10.0 versions.



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