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Jul 262013

SONY DSCI have seen a few posts on the Connect Forums which talk about a variety of steps to get your current Enterprise Vault environment to EV 10 (or 10.0.1, 10.0.2, etc). Each expert has their own opinion of the steps which should be taken, and I’m not alone in that particular game either. I know that there are many options, perhaps too many?

Let’s assume at the start of this exercise you have a nice, working, Enterprise Vault 9 server running on Windows 2003 SP 2 – it’s old school stuff. Your storage is a network share. Your SQL Server is (of course) on a different server.

The options that I have seen discussed are :

* Forklift to new 64 bit hardware, with the same EV 9 version. Upgrade to EV 10.

* Use the Server Settings Migration Wizard to go to 64 bit hardware. Update to EV 10.

* Use the Server Settings Migration Wizard to go straight to EV 10 on 64 bit hardware

Each of these has their pro’s and con’s. Which would you recommend, and why?


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