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Jul 082013

file0001197074800Since we’ve changed the clocks in March I have noticed that both my Windows 8 laptop and my Windows 8 desktop keep dropping an hour, back to the ‘old’ time.  I wished I could work out where they are getting this time setting from.

I’ve checked all my servers, routers, and so on, but all (including my errant Time Capsule, and BT HomeHub) seem to be correct.  It has been driving me crazy!

My time settings are correct:

But for some reason they keep on doing it.
Neither are in a domain.
I eventually stumbled across a few interesting articles on the internet, which described a way of synchronising to time servers out on the internet. The steps I’ve followed are:
– Make sure time service is running
– Change time service to automatic (rather than triggered manual – not sure if this is strictly necessary, but we’ll see)
– Issue command from elevated command prompt:
w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:0.pool.ntp.org,1.pool.ntp.org,2.pool.ntp.org,3.pool.ntp.org
– Issue command:

w32tm /config /update
– Issue command:
net stop w32time
– Issue command:
net start w32time
– Issue command:
w32tm /resync
Now we’ll see what that’s like in a day or two.
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