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Jul 022013

I have used GMail for a long time. I have mails going back to the beginning of time, it seems. I also used to use Hotmail, but, after I stopped working for Microsoft about 10 years ago, I fell for GMail. I’m not 100% sold on the web interface, and I still struggle to find a ‘good’ client to use against GMail.

But you’ll see below how a particular email product saved my life!

Good Client?

What makes a good email client? What I really mean is something that lets me focus on the emails that I have to do something with, like reply to, or read, and allows me to get rid of lots of the rubbish. GMail has always done a pretty good job of getting rid of the mails which are outright spam that ends up being delivered to any kind of internet based email account. But sometimes I do get annoyed with GMails interface, particularly these new GMail tabs.

I’ve tried lots of desktop or ‘offline’ clients, like Mailbird, and Sparrow, for example.

I like them.. for a while.

Mailbox – A dream?

A month or so ago I installed Mailbox on my iPad, mostly because it was hyped on the internet. I used it for a very short time after installation, but struggled because I have so many mails just sat in my Inbox. But Mailbox has a (scarey?) feature to fix that.. it can archive EVERYTHING. I didn’t do that at first. But a week or two ago, I did.

And just wow. It’s plain sailing now. I only have about a dozen items in my GMail inbox. That’s after two weeks or being more ‘brutal’ when it comes to mails. I suppose I imagined that archiving the mail was deleting it. And being a prolific hoarder I certainly didn’t want to lose any important spam ! But archiving isn’t deleting. It’s just moving it to the GMail archive. Super.


If you have problems with a large GMail mailbox believe this – you will never sort it out with the web interface. You are very, very, unlikely to sort it out using an offline client like Thunderbird, Mailbird, or Sparrow. You *will* get there with Mailbox. Give it a try and stick with it for a couple of weeks, it’ll change your life.


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