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Jun 242013

file0001564894818I really do like Windows 8. Even that ‘horrible’ new start screen, though to be fair I wished that I made more use of that particular part. It runs nice and quickly, for me, even inside VMWare virtual machines. I am *slowly* moving my old test clients that I used for testing Enterprise Vault client functionality from the (evil, old) Windows XP to Windows 8.

One of the things that I do like to know about my machine is which updates are installed. In the ‘old days’ with Windows XP you just go to Control Panel -> Add / Remove Programs and tick the box saying ‘Show Updates’:


Then you can just scroll down to Windows XP – Software Update to see the updates specifically relating to Windows XP:


Nice and simple!

Even with Windows 7 it’s still not hard to find out the installed updates. Just go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs, and click on ‘View Installed Updates’:


After a minute or two the list of updates will be displayed:


With Windows 8 though, all those sort of things have gone out of the window, so how do you find out what updates installed, if like me, you do actually care about them?

The easiest way is to paste the following in to the Run dialog, so press Windows + R, and paste:

C:\Windows\explorer.exe shell:::{d450a8a1-9568-45c7-9c0e-b4f9fb4537bd}

You will then see a list of the updates:


I am sure that there other ways, eg PowerShell but this way is good enough for me for now.

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