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Jun 192013

Like many people I spend far too much time sat in front of a computer, tucked away in a dark corner of the house that I call my home office. I’m hoping to correct that though in a few different, and interesting ways:

The weather is against me

For quite a few days over the last 6 months it has been too cold, or too wet, or too windy, or too cold, wet and windy, to sit outside in ‘sunny’ Bude. But the last few weeks for sure have seen that turn around, for the most part. Yes there are still days when it’s dull, or wet, or windy, but it isn’t cold any longer. So getting outside is now a real option.

Desk outside

That’s right.. I intend to use my patio table as a ‘desk’ of sorts. Laptop will work out there, I’ve tested it. Laptop can Remote Desktop to my desktop machine, so I can still connect to all my virtual machines and what-not.

Use non-Laptop

I’m also going to spend more time using my iPad rather than my laptop (or desktop). It means that I can get a fair amount done, and it’s ultra portable. That’s why I’ve come back to using Blogsy on my iPad to do things like blog posts. And I’ve started again with Penultimate in order to work on taking notes, both with my finger, and a stylus, when I can remember to carry it around with me.

After my house move

My house move (slowly) progresses. First of all I think where we plan to have our two office desks will be a nicer room in the barn. And, I can also carry forward the work I’m starting here to break my office-chains.


I’m sure with a few small changes, anyone that works from home, particularly in a desk based job can free themselves of the shackles of being in an office. Why not give it a try?

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