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Jun 182013

A few days ago GMail-hounds around the world announced the new Gmail.com tabs feature. A few brave souls got the Android application ahead of the game, thanks to sites like Android Police, and even a sceptic like me downloaded it and gave it a try on my Android phone.

Since then the tabs have been rolled out to many millions of people who use the web based version of GMail. But really .. Is it the next best thing since sliced bread? I for one am slowly starting to dislike it. It just seems one way to try to get people to manage the deluge of emails that they receive daily. So yes it sends good. But for me that’s where it stops… Sounding good. I don’t like it.

I may have to go away and sulk about this for a while, and maybe in a week or two it will become slightly nicer to me.

How do you like the ‘new’ tabs?


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  One Response to “GMail tabs – love them or hate them?”

  1. […] What makes a good email client? What I really mean is something that lets me focus on the emails that I have to do something with, like reply to, or read, and allows me to get rid of lots of the rubbish. GMail has always done a pretty good job of getting rid of the mails which are outright spam that ends up being delivered to any kind of internet based email account. But sometimes I do get annoyed with GMails interface, particularly these new GMail tabs. […]

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