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May 162013

IC610557Windows 8 To Go is a neat way of running Windows 8 from a USB drive. I have written about it before, soon after I had stumbled across it for the first time.  I had the need just the other day to use Windows (8) To Go. This is the special way of installing Windows 8 on to an external USB drive.  The problem that I had was that every time I booted up into Windows 8 To Go, I was shown this:

2013-04-26 11.13.51 (Mobile)


Dreaded scan disk.
Interestingly after a little bit of investigation, the disk it is referring to isn’t even the Windows 8 To Go USB disk.. it’s a different external hard drive that I use for long term backups of things like ISO images and the like.
Either way I wanted to stop this, as it meant that boot up time was nearly 15 minutes.  A quick look around, and the eventual fix is that I can flag/exclude the disk from running an automated chkdsk.  The way to do this is:
chkntfs /x e:
Now it’s good.  Boot up time is nice and quick, and no more scan disk.  Of course I have since run scan disk on this errant external disk and corrected a few logical errors.
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