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May 062013

overview_timecapsule_20091202It’s been a little while since I last wrote about my Apple Time Capsule, but let me just say it is still going strong and serves my machine at home nicely. For now I use it for:

– Storage of music

– Work that I’m doing (which is often too big to put on Dropbox, and my internet connection is rubbish, so I don’t want millions of Dropbox synchs happening all day long)

– Backup of some DVDs that I own

– Backup of photos that I own

One of things that has driven me insane, nearly, is that since moving house, well, probably before that, I didn’t have the ‘keep alive’ scripts running, meaning that every few minutes the time capsule’s internal disk would spin down.  It really is a pain when you have to wait 10 seconds (or an eternity, as I like to call it) for the File -> Save dialog to open, or for a file to open when you double click on it.

So I’ve invested 30 minutes this afternoon and resurrected the script. It’s a little more strange to do this with Windows 8, the ‘Soon’ command no longer works, as the AT scheduler ability is gone. You have to use schtasks.

After a bit of a battle I now have the following script in place:

@echo off
net use x: /d /y
net use x: "\\tc\time capsule" /user:admin NNNNNNN 
c:\temp\touch.exe x:\me.txt
net use x: /d /y

This was added as a scheduled task through the scheduled task GUI in Control Panel, then I  modified it using the command line, and changed the /ri option to 2. This means that the command repeats every 2 minutes. I’ve also set the schedule to be from 6am to 11pm.  My daily working hours these days it seems!

All is well again now.  There is an odd glitch now and again, but as I watch things happening now, the only change that I’ve had to make in the last few hours is to start the task with :

cmd /c start "Touch" /min "c:\tempt\touchtc.bat"

Without this change the command prompt window to run the batch file would pop-up and sit on the screen for 1-3 seconds whilst it processed the commands.  But with this in place it seems to be working a treat.

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