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Apr 262013

pound_coins_stalkedupI saw a post on the Symantec Connect Forums last night from Glenn Martin notifying the community about the latest post Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix. Here it is:


It’s cumulative, meaning you don’t have to apply all the prior hotfixes in order to get to this version. The specific differences between this version and the last, and well, all the way back to 9.0.4 are described in the readme file that accompanies the technote. At a high level they are:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 cumulative hotfix 4 fixes the following issues:

Enterprise Vault server
Etrack 3010379: Recall of multiple items from placeholders on Celerra/VNX servers could be slow
Etrack 3068474: New Partition wizard showed only the first partition of each cluster shared disk
Etrack 3117660: Multiple download requests for a saveset could cause slow recall with placeholders on Celerra/VNX servers

Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In
Etrack 2811923: Changing Enterprise Vault server name and alias could cause Vault Cache synchronization to fail
Etrack 2906887: Client-driven PST migration did not correctly handle backslashes in PST folder names


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