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Apr 112013


In an environment which already has Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2003 people often ask the question about what is needed to get Enterprise Vault archiving the ‘new’ Exchange 2010 server. Here are six simple steps to add to your environment:

1/ If the Vault Service Account doesn’t have a mailbox create one for it on the Exchange 2010 server. If it does have a mailbox, then it needs to be moved to the Exchange 2010 server.

2/ Exchange 2010 implements throttling policies, and these need to be lifted for the Vault Service Account. This is achieved by running SetEVThrottlingPolicy.ps1 supplied with Enterprise Vault. This would normally be run from an Exchange 2010 server.

3/ Permissions need to be set by running SetEVExchangePermissions.ps1. This grants permissions to parts of the Exchange organisation. It needs to be run from an Exchange 2010 server.

4/ Just like other versions of Exchange each server needs a System Mailbox. You need to create one for the new Exchange 2010 server.

5/ The Vault Service Account needs (Send As) permissions to the mailbox created in step 4.

6/ Add the Exchange 2010 Server to the VAC, and configure tasks for it.

7/ Test archiving using a new test user.

Reference: http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH144726

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