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Apr 012013

1Some of the little utilities which come with Enterprise Vault are really quite powerful and useful. Take the EVSPShortcutManager utility, for example. This utility was introduced in Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 and runs on the SharePoint server, rather than the more normal location of the Enterprise Vault server. So what does it do? Read on for more details…


The utility allows you to do a number of important and interesting things with your SharePoint archived items. These are:

* Replace all HTML shortcuts with seamless shortcuts

This is important because prior to Enterprise Vault 8 SP 3 the SharePoint archiving component would archive items from within SharePoint and replace them with a HTML link. These weren’t that great to be honest, and broke numerous things like workflows, and any existing links to the document on SharePoint. With the introduction of Enterprise Vault 8 SP 3 shortcuts now became ‘seamless’ shortcuts. This was great news and meant that workflows continued to work, original document icons were preserved, existing links to documents still worked, and items could be edited and saved back to SharePoint much more easily. The first purpose of this utility then is to convert the ‘old style’ HTML shortcuts to the new format. If you’ve had SharePoint archiving for a considerable time and had items archived and replaced with HTML links then this utility is a must-have.

* Recall all archived items back to a SharePoint site, collection or library

The second purpose of the utility is to bulk-recall items back to SharePoint. This can be useful for the obvious things like backing-out archiving, if you decide you know long want to use Enterprise Vault to archive the SharePoint environment. It’s also important if you have inadvertently applied the wrong policy to a particular site, collection or library. You can push the data back to SharePoint, correct the policies, and then re-archive the items.

The tool has been well tested, but there on occasion a few hiccups, such as the document in the tech note relating to blank urls: http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH202830

So, if you need to bulk recall items back to a document library or site, or have inherited an archived SharePoint server you should check out the EVSPShortcutManager utility. The syntax for the tool can be found in the Utilities Guide which comes with the Enterprise Vault media. Have you ever used EVSPShortcutManager? Let me know in the comments.


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