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Mar 152013

Google_reader_icon (Custom) (Custom)I’ve used it forever, and I’m sure many people have too.  In case you haven’t heard, Google is chopping the Google Reader service.  I’ve had a little rummage around, and well, so far I’ve not settled on a ‘new’ service yet.  One thing is for sure I don’t want to subscribe to all of the blogs that I read to get updates via email.  It’ll take me forever to do that, and I get far too many emails anyway!  I also don’t want to get them on Twitter, too many updates there too!

The web is awash with alternatives, and reviews of alternatives, so, let me add mine to the list!


netvibes – I’ve not tried this yet.

newsblur – limited number of feeds unless you pay each month, it couldn’t import from Google Reader (saying I had no feeds) but it did import the OPML file.

feedly – my favourite so far.  I have to admit I’m definitely dabbling with this one, and have the Android app installed too.

the old reader – dabbling with this one too, when I imported my feeds though it did say I had 20,000+ people in the queue in front of me (gulp!)


My want-list is to be able to view the feeds nicely on the web (using Google Chrome, usually) and to be able to have a nice interface on an Android tablet.  Bonus if there is also an iPad app.


I wonder whether Google have done all of this to stir up ‘trouble’ or whether they have something else mega planned?


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