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Feb 182013

The other day my girlfriend downloaded some marketing material for one of the businesses that she is involved in. It is meant to be something that you print out, but in all the companies ‘greatness’ they had restricted the PDF file so that you couldn’t print it. This has happened before and they’ve ‘undone’ it after asking them about it, but this time it was the weekend, and we need a couple of copies of the material ‘in print’.


I tried Acrobat Reader… it wouldn’t let me print.

I tried viewing it in Google Chrome … it wouldn’t let me print.

I tried Foxit PDF Reader … it wouldn’t let me print.

Eventually I stumbled across a few posts on the internet which suggest that Ubuntu’s default document viewer could print one of these types of PDF to a file. I tried version 12.10 of Ubuntu but to be honest the new interface just drives me crazy.

So I went for Ubuntu 9.0.4 from: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/

It’s really simple to install a standard VMWare virtual machine with this version of Ubuntu, and less than 30 minutes after finishing the download I was able to print the problematic PDF file to a file… in PDF format. I then copied that back to my normal machine, and printed it.

Image credit: ell brown

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